AI Generated image of fabric blowing in window. Image courtesy of the Calum Hurley and Andy TT

soft Past Event

Presented by Calum Hurley and Andy TT


Fri 31 May 11:00am - 5:00pm
open to public, maximum 6 guests at one time
Sat 01 Jun 11:00am - 5:00pm
open to public, maximum 6 guests at one time
Sun 02 Jun 11:00am - 5:00pm
open to public, maximum 6 guests at one time


Free , No Booking Required


soft apartment
1/463 Gore Street, Fitzroy North VIC, Australia


All gender bathroom, Assistance animals welcome, Low sensory / relaxed, Seating available, Wheelchair accessible

Curated by Calum Hurley of concurrent exhibition HARD, and curator and artist Andy TT, comes their exhibition soft. Soft is a deviation from its counterpart, offering a sanctuary of ethereal and delicate works and experiences. Situated within an existing residential dwelling on the lands of the Kulin Nation, the soft apartment is transformed into a curated gallery of works offering a sensory experience of space, uniquely curated each day. This exhibition is a tribute to the tender aspects of life, those moments of quiet reflection and the subtleties that often go unnoticed in our fast-paced world. Soft is designed and curated to remind us of the importance of embracing softness in our lives, of finding beauty in the understated, and of the power of vulnerability.


Indigo Tolhurst

Indigo Tolhurst is a designer and jeweller based in Melbourne (Naarm/Birrarung-ga). She is interested in the intersection of function and sculpture, merging practical outcomes and art. Her work explores themes of light, nature, movement and metamorphosis. Indigo holds a Bachelor of Industrial Design with Honours from RMIT University, and has worked internationally and exhibited works in VIVID, Craft Contemporary and Fringe Furniture. Indigo’s jewellery works can be seen at @someotherworld_studio

Locki Humphrey

Locki is a furniture designer and 3D artist based in Melbourne (Naarm/Birrarung-ga) whose work spans both physical and digital mediums. Growing up in Sydney, they studied Science and Arts at the University of Sydney before developing a love for furniture working as an upholsterer. Locki’s photorealistic multimedia artworks blur the line between reality and imagination. These immersive, imagined environments allow the audience to experience something new and bizarre; realistic yet impossible.


SATURDAY YARD WORK by Nathan Martin is a practice based in Adelaide on Kaurna Country that aims to find a medium between sculpture, craft, and functional objects, through experimentation of material and processes. Nathan looks to the unorthodox methods of production and through this, seeks to find surprising visual and sensory results displayed through form and texture. In the creation of one-off pieces, Nathan’s experimental and process-led design approach aims to celebrate the offbeat, the ugly, and all nuances of hand produced objects.

Lilly Buttrose

Lilly Buttrose is an Adelaide-based artist working in textiles and jewellery. Attracted to the simple, wearable beauty of everyday jewellery, Lilly creates jewellery pieces that can be enjoyed by every one. Alongside running a successful production jewellery practice, Lilly enjoys complimenting this with exhibition work that is softer by nature in textiles and fabric. She uses embroidery and weaving processes to translate subtle patterns and ideas into fabric.

Jay Jermyn

Jay Jermyn is a multi-disciplinary designer, artist and musician. His practice propose’s new ways of looking at the notions of self and its fragmentations within the contexts of nature, electronic dance music, ritual and the built environment. Jermyn has exhibited his work at Melbourne Design Week (2022, 23); Brisbane Art and Design Festival (2021); Oigall Projects, Melbourne (2021). In 2022 he was the artist in residence at Home of the Arts, Gold Coast (HOTA), and launched design brand Objects For Thought (OFT) with co-designer and collaborator C.J.Anderson

Sal Rosenberg and Charlie Richardson

Charlie is an industrial designer with varying experience across product, lighting and furniture design. Notable experience includes work as a designer for local furniture brand BARBERA, sessional lecturing at RMIT, awards for; and ‘best use of digital tools’ Design Fringe 2020, winner of victorian design challenge 2020 (tertiary category). Sal is an emerging designer whose practice spans experimental knitwear and fibre arts, sculpture and body-worn artefacts.

Maryam Moghadam

Maryam is a graduate of Product Design in Honours (2021) completed at the University of Technology Sydney. She focuses on offering solutions that engage in alternative and experimental ways of thinking that ultimately produce designs rich with meaning. Maryam won Best in Furniture for Design Fringe 2023, Highly Commended for Australia’s Next Top Designer 2023, received a Commended Award for Maker of the Year Award 2023 and was shortlisted for IDEA Awards 2023.

Jesse Wakenshaw

Creating on Gadigal Land, multidisciplinary artist Jesse Wakenshaw rejects perfectionism in his work as he explores various methods to visually and olfactively communicate identity and self-searching. This was a natural progression from his career as a hair and make-up artist, exploring representations of vanity and self-expression in the post-internet era. Working with both analogue and digital distortion and glitch, Jesse juxtaposes movement/stillness and artifice/reality, often using found objects, owned belongings, natural elements, and the body as the subject matter and form.

Patrick Scott (he/him)

As a practising architect and designer working across South Australia and New South Wales, Patrick Scott’s interest lies in the production of crafted, raw objects and spaces. With a fascination in the whole-of-life design process, objects and spaces are carefully considered through all stages of production and created with a level of thoughtfulness and pragmatism resulting in an enduring quality. Each project is founded with the need for a deep and critical understanding of material and process, allowing each component, material or space to perform to its natural ability.

Carol Herbertson

Carol Herbertson is a Scottish-born, Adelaide-based fibre and textile artist. Having a keen interest in sewing, textiles and fashion from a very young age, Herbertson’s passion has followed through her life and lead her around the world. Understanding how things work is at the heart of her practice, whether this is a sewing machine, a car engine, or sheep’s fleece, things are disassembled to understand their inner working. Current pursuits look to learn as much as possible about and to refine the handspinning and weaving techniques of natural fibers.

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