Image courtesy of Nexus Designs

Science x Design | The Future is Biofabrication Past Event

Presented by Atelier and Collectivity Talks


Thu 30 May 5:30pm - 7:15pm


Booking Required


Hanover House, Level 4
158 City Road, Southbank VIC, Australia


All gender bathroom, Assistance animals welcome, Seating available, Wheelchair accessible

In the experiential space of BETA’s Hanover House, panellists including Nexus Designs and Design Futures Lab interrogate the role of sustainable materials, and apply a scientific lens to design practice to create a better future for all through the innovative use of biomaterials.

This event is part of the exhibition Material Matters 02 that emerged from Atelier’s artisan-in-residence program, which illustrates a future where sustainability is at the forefront of design and artisanal innovation for future retail environments. Atelier is an initiative of BETA by STH BNK, which seeks to deliver a revolutionary retail space for the betterment of the planet and society.

The event is supported by Laminex, Acoufelt, Communications Collective, Nexus Designs, Atelier, STHBNK By Beulah.

Tickets are priced at $15.


Sally Evans Director, Graphic Design and Product Development, Nexus Designs

Sally Evans leads the creative and strategic direction of Visual Communication and Product Development at Nexus Designs, a multi-disciplinary studio with a collaborative approach. A creative and analytical professional, Sally has extensive experience across typologies, and a particular interest in the topic of regenerative product development and innovation.

Dani Storm Founder, Design Futures Lab

Dani Storm is a South African industrial designer and researcher who drives innovation across disciplines. As the leader of the Design Futures Lab at Sacred Heart College, she helms a dynamic research group of young women – seamlessly integrating design, biology, materials engineering and education. Dani’s career also spans sustainable manufacturing at her Melbourne studio, Design by Storm, and contributions to Dongguan’s sustainable city, Kaida.

Richard Stokes Sustainability Team Leader, Arup Victoria

Richard Stokes leads the Arup Sustainability Team in Victoria across decarbonisation, buildings and communities, infrastructure and policy. He is changing the way the industry defines and delivers best practice to improve sustainable outcomes in the built environment, and has driven sustainability strategies for new and existing masterplans, precincts, buildings and workplaces. Recent projects include the innovation precinct at the University of Melbourne, Melbourne Connect, and leading the sustainability strategy for workplaces in the region pursuing the Living Building Challenge.

Joshua Ellis, Brand Manager, Cultivated

Joshua Ellis is the brand manager of Cultivated, an in-house sustainability program at furniture company Cult that provides buy back, refurbishment and recycling services for authentic designer furniture. The circular economy has many challenges in Australia including undeveloped waste streams and skills shortages. Since redesigning and relaunching Cultivated in 2021, Joshua has worked to overcome these problems and find practical solutions that support the local economy.

Genevieve Brannigan, Communications Collective

Genevieve founded Communications Collective as a full-service agency focused on her realms of influence: property, architecture, design, and arts. Over her 15 year career Genevieve has had a successful track record in delivering campaigns with innovative approaches that positively shape public image and enhance bottom line. Genevieve combines strong creative and communication ability with well-honed skills in scanning the market environment, identifying and capitalising on opportunities to provide clients with real solutions, measurable results and a strong return on investment.

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