Material Matters 02 Past Event

Presented by BETA by STH BNK and Atelier


Thu 23 May 5:00pm - 8:00pm
Opening Event
Fri 24 May 12:00pm - 4:00pm
Sat 25 May 12:00pm - 4:00pm
Floor Talks by: Other Matter, DnJ Paper, Cordon Salon
Sun 26 May 12:00pm - 4:00pm
Thu 30 May 12:00pm - 4:00pm
Fri 31 May 12:00pm - 4:00pm
Sat 01 Jun 12:00pm - 4:00pm
Floor Talks by: Breathe x Design Futures Lab


Free, No Booking Required


Hanover House, L4
158 City Road, Southbank VIC, Australia


All gender bathroom, Assistance animals welcome, Seating available, Wheelchair accessible

Material Matters 02 examines the development and application of sustainable materials within the context of retail spaces. This exhibition provides an overview of materials at various stages of innovation, from conceptual ideas to solutions that are ready for commercial use. It highlights the work of architects, designers, and makers who contribute to the sustainable transformation of our built environment. Attendees will gain insight into the processes and challenges involved in creating these materials and their potential impact on the future of retail design.

Across the week, there will be informal conversations with the innovative exhibitors, including architects, designers, and creators, who are pushing the boundaries of material usage in their disciplines. This is a unique chance to gain firsthand insights into how each contributor is challenging and expanding the conventional limits of material application.

Material Matters 02 emerged from Atelier’s artisan-in-residence program, which illustrates a future where sustainability is at the forefront of design and artisanal innovation for future retail environments. Atelier is an initiative of BETA by STH BNK, which seeks to deliver a revolutionary retail space for the betterment of the planet and society.

The event is supported by Laminex, Acoufelt, Communications Collective, Nexus Designs, Atelier, City of Melbourne and STHBNK By Beulah.


Saturday May 25th
Other Matter 1:00- 1:30  (Jessie French)
DnJ Paper 1:45- 2:15 (Daphne Mohajer-Va-Pesaran & Jake Nakashima-Edwards)
Cordon Salon 2.30- 3:00 (Ella Saddington)

Saturday June 1st
Breathe 1:00- 1:30  (Geoffrey Swinbourne of Crafted Hardwoods)
Nexus x Design Futures lab 1:45- 2:15 (Sally Evans, Dani Storm)



Breathe is a Melbourne-based studio, creating world-class architecture with an enduring and meaningful impact on sustainability. Breathe believe humanity and the planet matter and use design as a weapon for good to build a better future. Breathe has remained at the forefront of sustainable design over the last 20 years by rigorously pursuing design that is beautiful, seemingly effortless, and environmentally positive. Breathe are change agents, advocating for the people in the cities in which we live and work.

Cera Stribley

Cera Stribley is an architecture and interior design studio, passionate about creating enduring spaces and beyond. From residential, public spaces and commercial developments to master-planning and adaptive-use heritage projects, we design by dialogue.


UNStudio’s mission is to design for lasting impact and contribute to the societal challenges of urbanisation, climate change, ageing populations and socioeconomic inequality. Driven by purpose and focused on solutions, we create value by designing for the implications of these megatrends on our built environment. Designs that make our lives healthier, have little impact on the planet, but a lasting impact on our cities – and people.

Cordon Salon

Cordon Salon is a Melbourne-based experimental studio that uses research, collaboration and play as a method to speculate on new approaches to contemporary craft and design. The studio focuses on the creation of finely crafted limited edition, collectable design and functional art pieces. Often working with lost, forgotten or overlooked materials or processes to achieve innovative outcomes whilst honouring materials and traditional craftsmanship. Cordon Salon is an Atelier resident at Hanover House.

Cubic Products

Cubic Products are Australia’s leading supplier of decorative masonry products.

Design Futures Lab

Design Futures Lab is a forward-thinking collaborative space led by Dani Storm that unites students and industry professionals in ambitious, long-term projects with a sustainability focus. Specialising in material science and invention at an architectural scale, the lab facilitates open-ended, real-world exploration and encourages students to embark on journeys of discovery. Embracing both successes and failures, it is a unique model focused on perseverance, a solution-based mindset and interdisciplinary exchange

DnJ Paper

DNJ PAPER is a collaborative research project and label situated in Melbourne, Australia, and is led by designers Daphne Mohajer va Pesaran and Jake Nakashima-Edwards. They employ a range of techniques, both traditional and nontraditional, to create paper clothing, accessories, and objects. They aim to address pressing social, aesthetic, and conceptual questions related to fashion and textiles design. DNJ Paper is an Atelier resident at Hanover House.


Heliotope is a regenerative architecture practice working to shift from linear, consumption-based models of practice to one that restores and rehabilitates the environment for all. Heliotope works across architecture, biosystems and research—delivering and adapting buildings such as houses, meeting places, galleries and public spaces, as well as conducting research into local ecologies, circular resources and refuse systems. Their materials testing offers us opportunities for creative expression within a context generally defined by reduction. They approach our work with an ethic of speculative care as a tool for imagining more considerate, equitable, and just futures


Hempanel, based in central Victoria, is a pioneer in the Australian construction industry, offering Structurally Insulated Panel Systems crafted from hemp. Hempanel collaborates closely with architects to deliver environmentally sustainable and precision-engineered solutions tailored to individual project needs.

Jordan James Kaye

Jordan James Kaye is a multifaceted visual artist based in Melbourne (Naarm/Birrarung-ga). His artistic practice is an experimental mergence of analog film, sculpture, installation and performance. His artworks are informed by his poetic response to the human encounter of our world, seeded by a desire to unveil threads to the fabric of his personal experience. He realises works that are technically complex, driven by pure compulsion, that vibrate and encourage immersion in deep reflection.

Julian Leigh May

Julian Leigh May is an experimental designer embracing a spectrum of disciplines and mediums based in Melbourne (Naarm/Birrarung-ga). Their work transcends barriers between art and design, and spans furniture, lighting and object design. Central to their practice is an interest in redefining everyday objects through new narratives, material experimentations and forms.


K5 Furniture believe that living in harmony with nature is essential to who we are and what they do. Their ethos and that of our partners celebrates innovation, design culture, circularity, and caring for people and planet. Their furniture collections are designed and crafted using natural and emerging materials.

Nexus Designs

For more than 50 years, Nexus Designs has delivered distinctive, enduring and personal outcomes at the forefront of Australian design. Founded as a multi-disciplinary studio, Nexus Designs transcends categories and convention to elevate interiors, product design and visual communications and influence the lives of contemporary Australia in meaningful ways. Our practice is optimistic and embracing of discovery and exploration, with a collaborative approach driven by research and informed by extensive experience across a range of fields including product development, architecture, the cultural sector and education.


UPPAREL, Australia’s most trusted, transparent and rewarded textile recovery and textile waste recycling company, has diverted over 13,000,000 items from landfill since 2019. Whilst a portion of these items are suitable for reuse through our trusted charity partners, many are not fit-for-wear and ready for a new life, that’s where UPtex comes in. UPtex gives textiles new life as a sustainable, circular alternative to numerous materials across many applications.

Other Matter

Other Matter is a sustainable materials studio born from Jessie French’s vision of redefining our relationship with the environment and technology. It is committed to developing real-world solutions to replace less-sustainable materials across diverse industries. Specialised in renewable, algae-based plastic alternatives for a circular economy, the studio boldly tackles the material challenges of today. Through research, product development, events and collaborations, Other Matter not only creates infinitely recyclable solutions but also champions a more sustainable and impactful design ethos. Other Matter is an Atelier resident at Hanover House.

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