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Telstra Creativity and Innovation Series | The Future of Food Past Event


Fri 31 May 6:00pm - 8:30pm


Booking Required


Great Hall, NGV International
180 St Kilda Rd, Southbank VIC, Australia


Accessible bathroom, All gender bathroom, Seating available, Wheelchair accessible

There is constant debate about what we eat and how it is produced – as science, innovation, ethical and ecological practices drive new thinking around nutrition and the world of cuisine. The Future of Food offers audiences a forecast of what will be on our plates in years to come, and what is driving change across Australia’s food system. The event will feature talks with industry leaders and tastings for those with a curious palate, from innovators including; Discovered WildfoodsNutri V and Circle Harvest.

Join Alice Zaslavsky, broadcaster and award-winning author of In Praise of Veg, and NGV Senior Curator of Contemporary Art, Design and Architecture, Ewan McEoin, who will invite game changing food entrepreneurs to share their diverse and ground-breaking approaches to address the challenges and opportunities posed by the food on our plate.

Following the talks, guests will have the opportunity to continue the conversation and connect with speakers, while enjoying drinks and a unique tasting menu highlighting the future of food.

The Future of Food is part of the Creativity and Innovation Series, an initiative of Principal Partner Telstra and the NGV.

Tickets are on sale now. Full speaker line-up to be announced soon.

Please note the menu may include meat, dairy, seafood, and experimental food products. Ingredients will be listed on the night to inform those with dietary considerations. Modifications will not be provided.


Alice Zaslavsky

Alice Zaslavsky is an internationally acclaimed author, broadcaster and taste-maker. Her cookbooks are published across 15 countries, in 7 different languages, helping cooks across the globe to shift the way they think about veg. She is the Culinary Correspondent for ABC News Breakfast and ABC Radio, and host of Saturday Breakfast on ABC Radio Melbourne. Alice is also the creator of Phenomenom, an award-winning, innovative digital toolkit helping teachers and parents connect kids with food in meaningful ways

Ewan McEoin

Ewan McEoin is the Senior Curator of the Department of Contemporary Art, and Department of Contemporary Design and Architecture at the NGV. Ewan in is known for his commitment to commissioning ambitious, research-based, critical, and speculative art and design projects with a social and ecological agenda, or projects that bring the public into dialogue with complex subjects, including technology’s role in shaping the future.

Discovered Wildfoods

Discovered Wildfoods was founded in 2020 on the simple premise of sourcing the best meat for consumers & the planet. From their base in Beechworth, they partner with landowners and professional hunters, ethically harvesting invasive and overpopulated game species across over 30,000ha of territory in Victoria and New South Wales. Discovered provide delicious, nutrient dense, cruelty free and carbon positive protein whilst raising awareness of the uniquely Australian “problem” presented by wild game species.

Circle Harvest

Circle Harvest is one of Australia’s leading insect protein farm and food manufacturing facilities. Fruit and vegetable waste is circled into their food system as feed for their livestock, which also uses a fraction of the amount of space, water, and feed normally used to produce protein.

Nutri V

Nutri V turns surplus vegetables that would otherwise go to waste on farms into vegetable powders and snacks, giving food waste a second life. The project has created a sustainable circular economy solution by converting lost and wasted food into valuable, nutritional vegetable powders that can benefit the entire supply chain.

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