Collection of ceramics with interesting florals and purple cauliflower stacked on shelves. Image by Nathan Kaso

Recipe for Design Past Event

Presented by Tweed Twigs


Fri 24 May 11:00am - 5:00pm
Sat 25 May 11:00am - 5:00pm


Booking Required


Gemini Wine Bar
158 Sydney Rd, Coburg VIC 3058, Australia


Accessible bathroom, All gender bathroom, Low sensory / relaxed, Seating available

Recipe for design is an explorative exhibit by ceramic artist Kate Brouwer of Asobimasu Clay and floral artist Graham Ho of Tweed Twigs. The installation platforms the composition of ideas, processes and actions inherent in producing design outcomes. Brouwer & Ho share a reverence for natural materials, exploring mud, plant material, and flowers, blending playful installations with reconfigured ceramic objects. Expect the unexpected as they enquire where the everyday meets art and art intersects with the everyday.

Extended viewing is available during Gemini’s opening hours of 5pm -8pm.


Asobimasu Clay

Studio-based ceramic artist Kate Brouwer, the hands and heart behind Asobimasu, hand crafts unique ceramic pieces in stoneware clay bodies. Designing on the pottery wheel, Kate brings to life playful ideas that inspire creative floral displays for the ceramic collector & florist alike. Created to enjoy sculptural works as well as with flowers or food displays, Kate’s work includes vases, unlikely shapes and signature tableware pieces. Using her own clay blends & glaze recipes to keep her work uniquely Asobimasu. Asobimasu is designed with intention toward lasting beauty. Each piece is meticulously thought through with rigorous testing & creative processes before being brought into production.

Tweed Twigs

Tweed Twigs, helmed by Graham Ho is a multidisciplinary practice that explores architectural space-making through the medium of flowers. By creating an experience that elicits an emotional connection, the practice feeds of the experience as an architect to redefine space and scale through floral design. Through designing for the senses, Tweed Twigs is driven by our collective human experience – challenging the way we see flora through interaction, expectation and intention. It started with flowers and will always be flowers.


Behind the facade of their 135-year-old building, Gemini is is the new Coburg neighbourhood wine bar where everyone is welcome. Greeted by high ceilings and bare bricked walls, Gemini feeds the eyes and palette with a warm ambience and delectable bites.

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