Portrait of Maggie Edmond, image by Neil Fenelon

Maggie Edmond | A.S. Hook Gold Medal Address Past Event


Tue 28 May 6:00pm - 8:00pm


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Great Hall, NGV International
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Maggie Edmond was awarded the Australian Institute of Architects 2003 Gold Medal with Peter Corrigan retrospectively at the National Awards on 29 October 2023. The Gold Medal is the Australian Institute of Architects’ highest honour. It recognises distinguished service by architects who have designed or executed buildings of high merit, produced work of great distinction resulting in the advancement of architecture, or endowed the profession of architecture in a distinguished manner.

At the 2023 National Architecture Awards, the Australian Institute of Architects made an unexpected Gold Medal announcement. The 2003 Gold Medal originally awarded to the late Peter Corrigan LFRAIA was amended to include Corrigan’s business and life partner – Maggie Edmond LFRAIA as the rightful joint recipients. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear the A.S. Hook Address of Maggie Edmonds LFRAIA.


Maggie Edmond LFRAIA

For four decades Maggie has been a leading architect in Australia. She holds an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Melbourne. The work of Edmond and Corrigan, in partnership, holds a pivotal place in Australian architecture. Their influence on a generation of Melbourne and Australian architects has been extensively documented. As many, including Jennifer Hocking, have said, it is hard to think of a major recent Melbourne architect who had not been decisively influenced in some way by Edmond and Corrigan. Known for their profound examination of cultural issues, they used modest means to make public statements. The practice was awarded 35 RAIA state awards, three Victorian Architecture Medals and four National Architectural Design Awards, as well as the National ACI Architecture Award in 1982 for their contribution to Australian architectural theory and debate.

In addition to her architectural work, Maggie was Deputy Chancellor of Deakin University (2003– 2007), a Council member of Deakin University (1999–2011), part of Campus Planning Committee, Deakin University (2003–2011) during a time of expansion, and a member of the Melbourne Zoological Board (1982–1989).