Image courtesy of Acustico Lighting

A Sensory Odyssey Past Event

Presented by Acustico Lighting


Wed 29 May 12:00pm - 1:15pm
Wed 29 May 1:15pm - 2:30pm
Wed 29 May 5:00pm - 6:15pm
Wed 29 May 6:15pm - 7:30pm
Wed 29 May 7:30pm - 8:45pm
Thu 30 May 12:00pm - 1:15pm
Thu 30 May 1:15pm - 2:30pm
Thu 30 May 5:00pm - 6:15pm
Thu 30 May 6:15pm - 7:30pm
Thu 30 May 7:30pm - 8:45pm
Fri 31 May 12:00pm - 1:15pm
Fri 31 May 1:15pm - 2:30pm
Fri 31 May 5:00pm - 6:15pm
Fri 31 May 6:15pm - 7:30pm
Fri 31 May 7:30pm - 8:45pm


Booking Required


Hawker Spaces
181 Brunswick St, Fitzroy VIC 3065, Australia


Seating available


These 75 minute sessions are a multi-sensory and design exploration that unfolds in three distinct acts:

1. Acoustic Light Prototype Exhibition: The journey begins with an exhibition of a series of prototypes of new acoustic lights designed to absorb and diffuse sound waves, minimizing reverberation and creating a more pleasant environment for human occupancy.

2. Breathwork and Sound Bathing: Participants are then invited to immerse themselves in the transformative power of breathwork and sound bathing. Seated or lying down in a serene ambiance, you will engage in a 30 minute guided breathing exercise led by our Soul Songstress instructor, culminating in a state of deep relaxation and surrender to the transformative power of sound.

3. Design With Us: the final step, a collaborative endeavour requesting participants to actively engage in the creative process. Having experienced the sensory awakening facilitated by sound and breath, participants are invited to shape the trajectory of product innovation.  They are encouraged to contribute feedback and their own human-centered design concepts to add further resolve to the prototypes. This collaborative exchange enriches the creative process, fostering a profound sense of shared ownership and positive change for the spaces we inhabit.