Photo - Tobias Titz

Design Broadcasters

Are you interested in how design shapes the world, and then telling people about it? Design Broadcasters is a Melbourne Design Week program that promotes design writing and criticism through commissioning writers to visit and write as part of the design festival.

In 2021, the Design Broadcasters were Paul van Herk, Amy Snoekstra and Samuel Torre, who received funding and mentorship to each develop content in response to ideas presented in Melbourne Design Week. The trio were selected by a jury that consisted of Tristen Harwood (writer, cultural critic and researcher), Timothy Moore (Melbourne Design Week curator), Sophie Rzepecky (Assemble Papers editor) and Tamar Shafrir (writer and educator).

Leading and emerging writers, critics and designers residing in the state of Victoria in Australia are encouraged to apply for the role of a 2022 Design Broadcaster where you can develop your critical voice, writing skills or industry connections in the design disciplines. Applications open in October, 2022.  The call-out will be announced online. 

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